Fares & Allied Services

The Fares & Allies services division at RDM has an immense amount of experience in providing rules & fares data maintenance and support services to
customers worldwide. The RDM Fares team is involved with price distribution activities and can work with complex and unformatted filing instructions delivered by a variety of communication methods. These instructions are translated into filings which allow auto-pricing in computer reservation systems and Internet booking portals.

The team has in depth knowledge about contract and fare loading in ATPCO comprising of Public, Private and Negotiated offers, this may include Published Fares, Constructed Add-ons , Rules Conditions/ Categories (including Cat 25/ 35/ 31/ 33 etc), Routings, Footnotes and Record 6 (RBD Chart 1 and 2).

Our team is also experienced in filing negotiated fares (including Hotel & Cruise contracts) directly on GDS and other proprietary fare management systems.
 ADM/ACM handling
 SITA Filing