Revenue Accounting Services

The Revenue Accounting Services division at RDM has an immense amount of experience in supporting the complete revenue accounting processing
chain including Sales, Tarffic & Interline processes. Our team of trained and experienced personnel is working on the following processes for our
airline customers:

A). Sales Data Handling
B). Traffic Data Handling
C). Master Data Maintenance
D). SPA Maintenance

Interline Prorate Processes viz
- Proration of OAL Coupons (Non Sampling) for Outgoing Invoices
- Proration of OAL Coupons (Sampling) for Outgoing Invoices
- Verification of Incoming Invoices
- Handling of Flight Interrupt Manifests
- Handling of Rejections/Re-Billings
- Prorate Information Service Support to Front End Marketing Organizations of our Airline customers